Pasan Gunawardena

"What one does is what counts and not what one had the intention of doing.”- Pablo Picasso

I have was always fascinated by art from my childhood days. I believe that a human can become logical with proper education but never can be equally creative unless they are gifted by birth. There is a huge difference between being able draw versus visualizing something much more greater to deliver a message to the society.

I have a deviated from my passion when it comes to my full-time carrier, where I work as a Senior ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) Consultant with an educational background in Mechanical Engineering. Despite my education, I fascinated the technologies behind web design and graphics design from my university days and have being working as a freelance web and graphics designer / developer for over 10 years.

I work with selected customers, looking at their business requirements and what I can deliver to them in return to increase their value. I have worked mostly with professionals in my freelance carrier and my knowledge and grooming gained from being a Business Consultant as always given me competitive edge over the usual developer. I have the ability to grasp customer requirements surrounding their business using my industry experience.

I married and father to a son who I love a lot. I found a long lost love towards cycling again and have being cycling as a habit now. I live in Colombo, Sri Lanka but have travelled and worked in different countries like United States, Sweden, Japan, Germany, Bangladesh, India etc during past 10 years.

If you are further interested in talking to me, reach out to me via the contact details and see where it may lead us.